My views expressed on this blog are my own, they do not represent the views of my employer. I have chosen to blog by my own free-will. I seek to reflect on the practices in my classroom. Any websites or programs I mention are simply sites I have found that I wanted to try. I do not receive payment for mentioning these programs. I have also not invested in any stocks, so I have not invested in these companies.

I employed as a teacher in private, suburban, Christian school. I am not paid to write this blog, nor do I seek advertisers for it.

I was graduate student at Boise State University, some of my posts were required for the classes I took.

I do serve on the Planning Committee for the NWCSI/CTABC Teachers' Convention. I receive a small stipend and fuel reimbursement for attending the meetings. I also get free lodging during the convention as well as a few free meals during the convention and meetings. However, NWCSI, CTABC, or any of the exhibitors at this convention pay me for this blog. Nor have I mentioned them on this blog.

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