Sunday, December 22, 2013

Flipped History Google Hangouts

I work in a school where I practically the entire Social Studies Department. I crave collaboration. Twitter has been a wonderful gift in that regard. About a year ago, I noticed a link to a Flipped History discussion. I even sat and watched several, either live or posted on YouTube. Since then I have been invited to participate in them and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a great group of educators and I love the opportunity to discuss what is going on in my classroom and get new ideas.

One of the more interesting trends of these discussions is that we all claim to be be "flipped" history teachers but we all have a different way of implementing it. I think it speaks to the truth that the flipped classroom is a mindset, not a strict list of rules. I think most of us started with Flipped 101 and then it evolved into the various ways we help the students take more ownership in their education. I think it develops differently for each of us based on our personalities and the students we serve.

Below you'll can check out some of the Hangouts I have been a part of.

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