Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Must-Have Resource for History Teachers

If you are a history teacher there are a few resources you must use. One of my main goals as I started my teaching career was to show students the grey areas of history. In practice this was more difficult than expected. Finding good primary resources that high school students can access is a challenge. Finding sources that contradict each other and guiding students through the thought process of making a supported conclusion seems equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest! So imagine my excitement when I found the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG).

At the site, go to "Curriculum" and then "Reading Like a Historian." I love the introductory lessons that offer great plans that teach students the skills of historians. The Lunchroom Fight lesson always goes over well in my classroom and is a memorable scenario I can refer back to all year.  There is a vast amount of US History lessons and they are building more World History lessons.

Students have enjoyed these lessons, sometimes they get a little sick of them because they would rather just "know" the answer. However, students have also expressed that they like working through these resources. So if you haven't already been to this website, make sure you check it out!


  1. I will have to recommend this to my husband, he teaches 8th grade social studies! Thanks for the tip on the great resource!

  2. Yes, these would be great for 8th grade.