Monday, July 21, 2014

One More Reason

As I look to next school year, I am trying to prepare to defend gamification. I feel like it is a somewhat unknown and misunderstood topic. As I continue to build up my arsenal of evidence, I continue to learn more. The YouTube clip below provides some great reasons for gamification and an awesome idea for a unit. It suggests that you give students two unrelated topic, they each have to find a series of links that connect the two. An award will be given for the student that connects the topics with the least number of links. I love this idea and many others found in the video below. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Kaelyn:

    Great video. I really like that you provided a short summary of it for everyone. I also have been thinking about experimenting with gamification. But I worry that administrators won't understand the theory behind. I think sharing this video with them will definitely help and I know the kids will be excited about it.

    1. Interesting that we both think administrators won't be on board, hopefully they surprise us!